free crochet spider pattern

Spider finger puppet

free crochet spider pattern

The thing is with finger puppets…I guess everyone has different sized fingers so a bit of provision has to be made for this!

There’s no stuffing involved with this one (which is just as well since I’ve run out), he just sort of perches on the end of your finger.

And there’s no denying that making 8 legs is really, really boring (I’ve been trying to crochet myself a bag for ages but the repetition just kills me!) and for some reason I was totally unable to make them all the same length.  I decided that this doesn’t matter – stick the shorter ones towards the front so they kind of poke out (I did this then promptly sewed the eyes on the wrong side – nice one).

inc = increase i.e. 2sc in the same sc

dec = decrease i.e. invisible decrease 

number in (brackets) is number of sc in round – I always finds this helps to make sure I haven’t lost any along the way but feel free to ignore it

The Body

6sc in an adjustable loop (6)

inc in each (12)

3sc, inc 3 times, 3sc, inc 3 times (18)

18sc for 5 rounds (18)

3sc, dec 3 times, 3sc, dec 3 times (12) – finish off here if it fits on the intended finger ok.

Depending on your yarn/hook combo – this may still be too loose to sit nicely on your finger, in which case: (dec, sc) 4 times should make it small enough

The legs (make 8)

So this is a crochet version of a knitted i-cord and rather fun it is too when you get going…which is just as well since you need to make 8 legs with it.

make about 7 rows of the cord illustrated below then wrap the yarn round once more and pull through all 3 on the hook.


Now you’ve got to make a kind of bobble on the end for a foot – so yarn over, (check the photo below that shows where to start your bobble) insert hook and pull a loop through (keep all these loops fairly loose), yarn over and pull a loop through the same hole 4 more times so you’ve got a good bundle of loops on the hook (I can’t be bothered to count them) then yarn over once more and pull, wriggle, jiggle and yank it through the whole bundle.


To finish the foot off, ch1 then slip stitch into the same hole you worked the bobble in, cut the yarn quite long, pull it through the last loop (to knot) then use your hook or a needle to thread it all the way back through the middle of the cord, you can then use this end to attach the leg to the body.

Eyes (make 2)

Using white, make 6sc in an adjustable loop (6)

inc in each (12)

Making Up

Attach the eyes to the body by catching the outer edge of each of the last 12sc, making sure you keep the shape nice and circular as you go and sew the 2 eyes quite close together.  Make sure they don’t creep too far round the sides of body (unless you want them to of course).

With a black yarn make a french knot in the white for a pupil, or use a bead or sew in eye whatever.

Sew each leg to a sc on the body, 4 legs closely together on one side and 4 on the other.

Stick in on your finger and waggle 🙂



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