Gradually updating patterns

Well, my latest project is to go through the patterns I’ve already published and update them somewhat. I’ve learned (learnt??) so much since I started, I thought I really ought to clear up some of my mess. First for the makeover is this cat thing. It did occur to me as I was making yet another one that if I were to shove a bell inside, it would make a pretty good cat toy. Or maybe not, I don’t think any of the cats I’ve ever owned have been remotely interested in toys (sucking on my mums jumper – yes, toys – not so much thanks). Anyway, I do really appreciate you stopping by and leaving comments and updating the patterns as and when I can is my way of saying – Yes I really do read all your compliments/complaints/suggestions and offers to help me lose weight with an amazing new medical breakthrough (I only have to send $100 a month for a months supply of medical grade guinea pig poop disguised as vitamin pills and proven to work in 3% of people 3% of the time)

I digress, here is the latest cat thing (without a bell or squeaker or any other type of audible annoyance – which you would not be able to hear anyway as this is just a photograph). Balls, seems I can’t upload the photograph anyway, so here’s one I made earlier **stomps off cursing and muttering incoherent swear words under her breath about the internet while kicking everything in sight like a petulant two year old with a pout and everything** (good job I don’t have a cat – not that I would kick it anyway I’m not that kind of person) I’ll just go back to crochet…forget I was ever here…xx

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