Free crochet pig pattern and video

Here’s a free crochet piggy pig pattern and an epic 3 step by step videos. free crochet pig pattern

I apologise for the lack of sound on these videos.  I got fed up at the editing stage and could not bring myself to trawl the internet looking for good copyright free tunes.  It’s much better to just listen to some music you actually like 🙂

A printable pattern is below the videos.  You’ll need about 50g or so of yarn and a hook to match, a needle to sew the ears and nose on and I’ve used 9mm black safety eyes.


Crochet Piggy Pattern by Sarah Lyons

All pieces are worked ‘in-the-round’ using US crochet terms.

As usual with amigurumi, use a much smaller hook than specified on the yarn.

  1. Piggy – Part 1 (The Legs)

    Start with the legs as they join into the body later and you don’t want to be cutting your yarn and joining where it’s not needed. Unless you have two balls of yarn. Or can start from both ends of your ball. Either way, I’m assuming the path of least resistance by starting with the legs.

    6sc in adjustable loop (use whatever method you prefer) or look here

    (2sc in next, 1sc) 3 times


    (2sc in next, 2sc) 3 times

    14sc (there is an extra 2sc here to even up the rows)

    Finish off neatly as follows: cut yarn (about 5cm) pull last loop out, insert hook into next sc and pull end through, insert hook into front loop of last sc from the back and pull end through (towards inside of piece), insert hook up through two loops on the inside and pull end down to hide and secure. (5:25 on video)

  2. Piggy – Part 2 (The nose)

    Start with a slip knot and ch5

    2sc in 2nd from loop, 2sc, 5sc in last ch, 2sc in other side of chain, 3sc in the starting chain. This makes an oval shape and you should carry on in the round.

    3sc in the next, 4sc, 3sc in the next, 1sc, 3sc in the next, 5sc, 3sc in the next

    22sc in the back loop

    22sc as normal

    Cut yarn leaving long end to attach to body

  3. Piggy - Part 3 (The ears)

    4sc in an adjustable loop pulled tight

    (2sc in next, 1sc) twice

    (2sc in next, 2sc) twice

    (2sc in next, 3sc) twice

    (2sc in next, 4sc) twice

    (2sc in next, 5sc) twice

    (2sc in next, 6sc) twice

    16sc and finish off leaving a long end to attach to head.

  4. Piggy - Part 4 (The Body)

    6sc in adjustable loop

    2sc in each sc

    (2sc in next, 1sc) 6 times

    (2sc in next, 2sc) 6 times

    (2sc in next, 3sc) 6 times

    (2sc in next, 4sc) 6 times

    (2sc in next, 5sc) 6 times

    (2sc in next, 6sc) 6 times

    48sc for 7 rounds

    1sc, hold 1st leg to body and 10sc through inside of leg and body, 2sc, 10sc through inside of next leg and body, 2sc, 10sc through inside of next leg and body, 2sc, 10sc through inside of next leg and body, 1sc

    (1sc on body, 1sc in leg join, 2sc in outside of leg, 1sc in leg join, 1sc on body) 4 times

    Stuff the legs and body

    If using fixed safety eyes, you will have to get them in now. It’s easier to work out where to put them if you sew the nose on first.

    2sc ( 2tog, 4sc) 3 times, 2tog, 2sc

    2sc, (2tog,3sc) 3 times, 2tog, 1sc

    2tog 8 times

    Pull up last loop of remaining 8sc to close and secure neatly.

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