Foxy pattern update

I’ve changed the foxy pattern.

Annoying I know and I apologise to anyone that made the old version and was disappointed.  I think the new version is much better.  I’ve only really changed the way the legs are made – they are now seperate and it gives the opportunity to make a nice frilly skirt if you should so desire.

Hopefully, anyone who purchased the pattern through ravelry will have received an updated pattern notice and be able to grab the new file.  If you purchased the old pattern through Etsy, I am in the process of working out how to send a version to you but just drop me a quick email and I’ll manually send the file to you.  **note to self…don’t make changes to etsy patterns**

Some pics..

Cute amigurumi fox crochet
Cute boy fox

Cute amigurumi fox crochet

Cute amigurumi fox crochet
Cute foxy twins
Cute amigurumi fox crochet
Cute foxy lady



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