Crochet Hippo pattern

Here’s a new crochet hippo pattern for your pocket.  You would honestly think that I would be able to dream up some new creature to make but no…I’m just retreading old territory.

Truth is, I’ve never been particularly happy with the original hippo pattern that I made and have been picking at it ever since…that’s about 5 years worth of picking..

So, I’ve pretty much completely rewritten it.  Bigger nose and bigger bum to balance it out better.  More photos in the pattern to help clarify some of my overcomplicating tendencies.  I’ve been dabbling with various techniques as well that may be new to some folk and to that end I would say that it’s not really a beginners pattern.  You’ll need about half a ball of yarn and a hook to match, black thread for eyes or I used 6mm safety eyes.  You’ll also need the usual scissors, needle and a bit of stuffing.

It’s available here at ravelry and here on Etsy 🙂


Old Pattern:

Hippo crochet pattern

New Pattern:


Doesn’t look that different I know but it is.  Honest Guv.

This big crochet hippo was made with a chunky yarn and 4mm hook and is probably my favourite and is not really a pocket hippo…  I really want to make an even bigger one now using rope or something weird – would make an excellent foot stool!!


You’ll need about 50m of yarn, less than a ball usually.

Here’s a video if you find you are struggling with the legs…


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