Bobble head doll

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Ok, this is something I’ve been working on for a goodly while now.  Every time I made it, I changed it so has taken forever to actually pin it down!!  I wanted a multi purpose chibi type character that could be adjusted for all manner of fandom.  So may I proudly present – basic bobble doll (wow that name’s really catchy right!!)

Bobble head doll front Crochet bobble head doll side heads

By changing the body, boot or gloves colour and expression, you can create plenty of variations.  However, I’m not going to leave ya hangin…my plan is to add bits of clothing: capes/masks and wotnot and when I do, I’ll stick the pattern here or maybe make a video if I’m feeling adventurous (and I’ve had my nails done).

The legs are jointed with buttons and the arms are poseable due to a wire running through the middle, oh and the head comes off..

This means you can stand him up just about and pose the arms, turn the head etc.

Here’s some ideas – I’ll post others once they’ve stopped bickering enough to allow me to photograph them (translation: once I make their arms)

batman vs supermansuperman


I’ve listed it on Ravelry at the moment for £3.00 but accessories and things will be posted here for free or youtube etc..

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