Free crochet sheep pattern

I love bobbles. They are easy but gobble (bobblin gobblin) up the yarn so you’ll need more than you think. I probably used about half a ball (25g ish) of the bobble colour, this was Drops Nepal in off white I think they call it. It’s aran/worsted weight and I used a 3.5mm hook. (Btw, I always use American crochet terminology since I taught myself to crochet using Youtube videos)

free crochet pattern
A free sheep crochet pattern using bobbles

To make a crochet bobble (bob): yo, insert hook in next sc, yo, pull through sc, yo pull through 2 on hook, *yo, insert hook in same sc, yo, pull through sc, yo, pull through 2 on hook*  repeat from * to* until 6 loops on hook then yo and pull through all 6.

The bobbles are a lot easier to execute if you just accept that they are on the wrong side, this is just fine, turn it inside out when you’ve done.  A slight complication arises if you switch to normal sc crochet (as with this crochet sheep) because you don’t want to continue working the sc with the wrong side out (or maybe you do – go for it!) It honestly doesn’t show that much if, when you join the different colour yarn, you also make your rounds go the other way and any little hiccup that does show, is easily hidden under the ear!

Pattern: Printable Version

Body & Head

Row Instruction count
1 Make 6sc in adjustable loop 6
2 (sc, bob) 3 times might want to skip this row to avoid a ‘pointy bottom (tho I quite like the torpedo shape!) 6
3 inc 6 times 12
4 (sc, bob) 6 times 12
5 (sc, inc) 6 times 18
6 (sc, bob) 9 times 18
7 (2sc, inc) 6 times 24
8 (sc, bob) 12 times 24
9 24sc 24
10-11 repeat row 8 & 9 24
12 Switch to face colour, 24sc (going the other way so bobbles are now on the right/out side) 24
13 24sc 24
14 (2sc, dec) 6 times. Stuff firmly. (Stick safety eyes in if using.) 18
15 (sc, dec) 6 times 12
16 dec 6 times 6
cut yarn, pull last loop out (not through the loop) thread end through outer loop of remaining 6sc and pull up to close.

Legs (make 4)

1 Make 6sc in adjustable loop 6
2 inc 6 times 12
3 12sc 12
4 (dec, 2sc) 3 times 9
5 9sc 9
6 (dec, sc) 3 times 6
cut yarn about 9″, pull last loop out and use end to sew to underside of body, between bobbles


1 Make 6sc in adjustable loop 6
2 inc 6 times 12
3 (inc, sc) 6 times 18
Pinch one edge of the circle and sew to the edge of the face, about a third of the way down.
Embroider some eyes and a nose.

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