Gnarley Narwhal

Here’s a new cutey…I’ve been fiddling around with lovely spiral shapes for a while and was going to make a unicorn then I thought, nah mate whales are much cooler (easier!), except it didn’t really turn out easier as I then got it in mind to have no joining pieces at all..none! So the fins and tail are all made in the one piece and then you join the…oh darn it…ok there’s one join. Then you join the horn on. I was going to call him horny whale but thought better of it, so here is Gnarley narwhally and Marley narwhally and their mate nigel. xx



Crochet whale pattern



You can get the pattern for $4 from my ravelry shop or my Etsy shop.  Both should have the pdf available for you as soon as you order.  

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